We are thrilled  to announce than a film by Tsivia Barkai Jakob "Para Aduma" will be screened at 68-th Berlinale Film Festival!

     The whole sound design and mixing  of this wonderful film was made here. 

     If you are in Berlin and have a chance to attend one of the screenings, it would be great.

     Don't hesitite to drop me a line if you are willing to have a coffee and chat with me.



Personal Affairs – Sound Design & Mix
The Man In The Wall – Sound Design & Mix
Land of the Little People – Sound Design & Mix
Twilight of a Life – Sound Design & Mix


Credit for Murder – Sound Design & Mix
Ma Kvar Yachol Likrot – Sound Design & Mix
Suicide – Sound Design & Mix
Ben Zaken – Sound Design & Mix


Another World – Sound Mix      
Awakening – Sound Design & Mix
Arabany – Sound Design & Mix
Room 514 – Sound Design & Mix


A spirit of art before everything!

I provide the full service package for the modern film production.

This concept offers a professional approach at all stages of movie making: from the script to location to post production sound design.

I believe that the sound chain should be supervised by one party, who takes the responsibility from the beginning to the print master or DCP.

In this way a modern technology capabilities and artistic ambitions can be merged to achieve un-compromised results.




I work in a state-of-the-art studio located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

A unique hybrid mixing / editing facility  acoustically complies to the Dolby specs.

A versatile D-Command ES24 console, intergrades in a modern ITB mixing concept.

Projection on a large 4 m x 2.1 m film screen.

Cinematic JBL speakers.

There is a lot of great outboard equipment, microphones, video synchronization tools and much more.

But most importantly, it delivers a comfortable, creative atmosphere,

which helps to concentrate on the project.

The special treasure is a huge bank of sound effects. I recorded myself over the last 15 years


I am a professional recordist with more than 15 years of experience.

I started as a sound recordist at a state “Channel 1” and went all the way through to the full length film features. During this time I covered every aspect of sound production for film and TV.

Today I offer a comprehensive sound solutions for film and TV productions. I work with best available equipment yet keeping very reasonable rates.

My arsenal includes professional Surround 5.1 mobile recording capabilities as well as conventional high end tools.

While working in the field I estimate how it will translate to the final mix in the theater.

I enjoy maintaining the whole process from sound recording to sound design and mix. As a result unmatched realism and beauty can be achieved in your project.

My resume has a long list of documentaries, features, dramas, TV programs, sports, music and wildlife.