Completed Projects





"Para Aduma" by Tsivia Barkai Yakov

"No Futue" by Roman Shumunov

"Death of a Poetess" by Dana Goldberg & Efrat Mishori

"Lowtide" by Daniel Mann

"Holly Air" by Shadi Srour

"Personal Affairs" by Maha Haj

"The Land of the Little People" by Yaniv Berman

"What Could Happen" by Ophir Lobel

"No One" by Vladimir Prudkin

"Awakening" by Guy Meirson

"The Man in the Wall" by Evgeny Ruman

"Ben Zaken" by Efrat Korem

"Suicide" by Beny Freedman

"Another World" by Eitan Rouven

"The Birdman" by Daniel Mann

“Arabany” by Adi Adwan

“White Panther” by Dany Raisfield

“Alice” by Dana Goldberg

“Off White Lies” by Maya Kenig

“Room 514” by Sharon Bar-Ziv

"Karaoke with Frank Sinatra" by Tzvika Pinkus

"A Strange Course of Events" by Raphael Nadjari

"Policeman" by Nadav Lapid

"Dissolution" by Nina Menkis

"Eyes Wide Open" by Haim Tabakman






"Close Your Eyes" by Mushon Salmona

"Wild Israel" 5 episodes directed by Eyal Bartov

“Dark Night” directed by Leon Prudovsky

“Like a Fish out of Water” directed by Leon Prudovsky

“Ringo and Taher” directed by Johnny Arbid

“Nes” directed by Evgeny Ruman

“I don't know how” directed by Aviram Shulhani

“Take Note” directed by Elite Zexer

“Discharged” directed by Micha Kinsbruner

“Chayal Boded” directed by Eyal Boers

“A Piece of News” directed by Evgeny Ruman

“Funny Pictures” directed by Michael Teplitzky

“Alligator” directed by Dana Goldberg

“What about Me?” directed by Edgar Keret and Shira Gefen

“Lisa and Michael” directed by Yosi Artzi

“Variations for Piano for Six Hands” by Eitan Melamed

“The Descent” directed by Shai Mizhinsky

“Half a Ton of Bronze” directed by Iyftach Hotzev

“Troyka” directed by Leon Prudovsky

“Return” directed by Shay Levy

“Tochnit KeBakashatkha” directed by Olga Sitovetzky

“Welcome and…Our Condolences” directed by Leon Prudovsky

“Happiness Wrapped in a Blanket” directed by Yosi Artzi

"Neder" directed by Netalie Braun




"Solarium" by Sasha Letvintseva & Daniel Mann

"Pitui Baam" by Anat Vovnoboy

"Presenting Princess Shaw" directed by Ido Haar

"Alger – Jerusalem" directed by Jean Pierre Lledo

"Poetique Du Cerveau" by Nurith Aviv

“The Moderns” directed by Helly Rozenberg

“The Alpha Diaries” directed by Yaniv Berman 

“Zitra” directed by Zhad Neeman

“Perpetual Rehersal” directed by Hertz Frank

“The Last Card” directed by Sylvain Biegeleisen

“Yiddishe Mama" directed by Fima Shlick

“The Successor” directed by Alex Gentelev

“Money Time” directed by Oded Raz

"Classmates of Anne Frank" directed by Eyal Boers

”Have Will Have” directed by Hanania Baer

“Traduire” directed by Nurith Aviv, produced by Itai Tamir

“Carrying the Light” by Guy Natanel, produced by Michael Kuhn

“Wooden Butterflies” by Guy Natanel

“20 Years Later” by Leonid Blekhman

“Live or Die in Entebbe” by Eyal Boers

“My Father Semyon Chertok” by Olga Chertok

“Demeter’s Spring” by Daphna Miro

“Mom, Dad, I’m Muslim” directed by Anat Tel

“Envelopes” directed by Shely Kling

“Skornik in the name of Dad” directed by Itai Livne

"Ha-Bricha" directed by Meni Elias

"The Twilight of a Life" directed by Sylvain Biegeleisen

"Credit for Murder" directed by Vladi Antonevich